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Launch Of Laboratory Reagent

AJJ Healthcare Aug 01, 2022


AJJ is here to deliver the solution you need. We have launched our comprehensive range of laboratory reagents for your every use.


After surveying with several research laboratories, AJJ identified the growing demand for high-quality life science bioreagents. However, most are met with hefty prices and long lead time. To address this gap, we have partnered with Wuhan Servicebio Technology Co., Ltd., for the distribution of their laboratory reagents. 


Located in Wuhan, China, Servicebio is a provider of reagents for their domestic market and has international distribution to more than 60 countries. Equipped with both CE and FDA certifications, ServiceBio has upheld a high-quality production standard for their various reagents. Their products are used in scientific research papers published in journals such as Nature, Cell, Engineering, Journal of Cell Biology, etc.


Together, we have a total of over 4000 antibodies and various reagents to cater users in the field of cell biology, molecular biology, pathology, and western blot users. Some of our bestsellers include Mycoplasma Detection Kit, Universal Blue SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix and Phosphatase Inhibitor.